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Arbitration Arbitration- Judgment Arbitration- A new horizon

Dr Israel Shimony, Adv. Arbitrator

Dr. Israel Shimony is the founding of of law firm "SHIMONY & CO."
Over the last 30 years Israel Shimony has developed an expertise in advising clients in large-scale in transactions and arbitration.
Dr. Israel Shimony is the author of Arbitration – A New Horizon and the initiator of the Arbitration Law Amendment No. 2. Shimony is an expert in the field of arbitration and is considered an authority on out-of-court settlement of disputes. He also served as Deputy Head of the Israel Bar Association from 2003 to 2007 and as the Association’s representative in the military judges` nomination committee.
Dr. Israel Shimony, Adv. Arbitrator International University To Business & Law - London (Ph.d)
Ono Academic Collage, Israel, The faculty of law (LL.B With Honors)
Ono Academic Collage, Israel, Business Management, (M.B.A)

Dr. Israel Shimony broad experience extends over the various areas of practice of the firm and includes:
  • Handles complex business arbitration proceedings, Israeli and international.
  • Executes arbitration proceedings including appeals on such proceedings at the contractual tribunal.
  • provides neutral legal opinions involving business disputes.
  • provides legal opinions regarding arbitration law to the attorneys and businessman.
  • Represent legal parties in audit proceedings on arbitration rulings.
  • handles legal negotiations involving complex business disputes and in resolutions regarding business disputes.
Dr. Shimony has published the leading book "Arbitration- A New Horizon- Arbitration Law And Appellate Instance" (1st ed., 2009; and 2nd ed., 2014). As well as written numerous articles for professional publications and journals in Israel and abroad, in legal journals on the topics of law, arbitration, and business.

Dr. Shimony has sarved as the Israeli delegate to the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), International Court of Arbitration, in Paris, France.

Teaching positions: Tel-Aviv University, Israel, lectured courses in Contracts law and International Arbitration.
  Dr Israel Shimony
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Dr. Israel Shimony
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