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Arbitration Arbitration- Judgment Arbitration- A new horizon
  short videos for illustration
Those videos are used to showcase the key info about arbitration proceedings, including appeals on such proceedings at the contractual tribunal and its benefits.

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 AIA Arbitration-adr Belgium
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), published in June 2010 in the IIA Issues Note No. 1, presents the latest developments in Investor-State Dispute Settlement. It contains the most significant figures for the last twenty (20) years (1989-2009) and the major jurisprudential developments for the year 2009. Some of the main figures and cases are considered below.

 The Indian Arbitrator
IIAM is taking up an ambitious project of setting up Community Mediation Clinics in Indian Villages. As stated by our Chairman, Hon.ble Mr. Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, this is meant to be an exciting experiment of bringing justice between man and man in a society which is tending more and more towards strife and friction. We are grateful that our initiative of IIAM Community Mediation Service has been endorsed by the International Mediation Institute at the Hague. In this edition of  "The Indian Arbitrator", we have made a request to all public spirited persons and institutions to support us in this initiative of social transition to make our world a safe, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous place to live.


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