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Arbitration Arbitration- Judgment Arbitration- A new horizon
Application for Arbitration/Mediatiom
Parties requesting to hold arbitration or mediation proceedings through "Itro" – The Institute for Consent Arbitration, are hereby requested to register through either the Institute`s website or to write directly to Itro`s offices.
The parties involved should please declare in their request that all parties involved have fully agreed to arbitration/mediation proceedings in order to resolve their dispute and are interested in doing so using Itro`s arbitrator`s/mediator`s. The parties are also requested to advise as to the requested arbitrator`s/mediator`s area of expertise they are interested in.
To view rules and procedures for application and registration to Itro – The Institute for Consent Arbitration.
Top view Itro`s list of Arbitrators and Mediators please fill in the following information:
Name & Surname:
Area of Expertise:
Interested In:
Security Code:

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