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Book "arbitrators"
The Arbitrators
A new novel examining the Israeli–Palestinian conflict through the perspective of Consent Arbitration.

`The Arbitrators` deals with the Israeli–Palestinian conflict suggesting a potential resolution of the conflict, by utilizing Consent Arbitration coupled with vigorous international support, leading to a mutually agreed upon, durable and lasting solution to this century old conflict.

In a carefully laid out, step by step approach of the Consent Arbitration process, the book describes the dynamics of the decision makers and the national, cultural and religious aspects that simultaneously make up the core of the conflict and potentially enable its resolution. The main issues of drawing up borders, exchanging territories, shoring up Gaza`s and the West Bank`s economic situation through worldwide financial support and formulating bilateral agreements concerning the Palestinian refugees living outside of Israel are dealt with in detail. In addition a creative solution is offered to the issue of Jerusalem and its holy places.

The book examines the historical roots of the conflict originating thousands of years ago in the era of the Patriarch Abraham with the rift between the brothers Isaac and Ishmael, through the rise of the three monotheistic religions and to the conflict`s modern day social and political origins.

price: 98 ILS
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